Laser cutting and schematic files: https://bit.ly/2KtKNaN


  • (x2) 5W Drivers
  • (x1) Passive Radiator
  • (x1) Dsp equalised bluetooth module
  • (x1) Voltage step-Up module
  • (x1) 5V Micro USB charging module
  • (x1) 2200uF 16V capacitor
  • (x1) Microphone
  • (x1) Mini LED + resistor
  • (x1) 2-Way Slide Switch
  • (x4) Rubber Feet


  • 10W of power
  • 8 hour plus battery
  • bluetooth 4.2
  • custom dsp equalised sound
  • water resistant drivers and passive

This speaker kit includes all the parts needed to build the speaker, excluding the battery. Due to logistics reasons I cannot ship them. The ones I reccomend are https://bit.ly/2MH1lIL